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The Lost Scrolls of Sontaeries : Part xxv

He stares into the dark water.

Taking in a deep breath of the cold air, he kneels down and cups the water in his hands throwing it on his face.

The night was long.

Aadysi spent most of it under the stars, hunting for various game found in his forest home.

Although on the hunt Aadysi found next to nothing.

As the sun lifts over the great mountains, he finds himself with very little food to feed his tribe.

This season has been hard, a grueling one, and it seems like there will be harder days to come.

Distraught and exhausted, Aadysi moves away from the small stream and moves closer to the forest edge.

He peers out of his home into the plains beyond, hoping to find something that he could bring back to his tribe.

It is vital that he catches something now or else the chances of his people surviving the colder seasons becomes ever more uncertain.

Flurries begin to fall down from the sky and as he ponders what to do next his eyes catch something moving at a fast pace through the plains.

He feels the floor begin to rumble and shake.

The shimmering leaves around him rustle and flourish about continuously.

A vibration so strong sweeps through the land and Aadysi begins to wonder what exactly is happening.

Lifting his head up he can feel a change in the wind and a scent that is extremely foreign and unfamiliar.

He notices something in the distance, it looks like a herd of some sort, of which animal exactly Aadysi is unsure.

He creeps up even closer to the edge of the forest.

There he begins to focus his senses closing his eyes and then opening them again to reveal a hidden power.

His sight has increased ten fold, the eyes of the wolf begin to survey the area and see what exactly is driving towards his home.

It looks like a herd of Saatunga, which in the Kraesh tongue means a deer like creature with 4 pronged horns jutting from it's head.

There are hundreds of them now moving even closer to the forest not seeming to stop.

Aadysi is unsure of what is causing this commotion but he knows now that he must turn back to his tribe to warn them.

It's a full on stampede and as Aadysi takes one more look out in the distance his true fear is realized.

These animals are being chased by a monster that rarely ever makes its way into this part of the world.

It is a being the size of the tallest tree in the forest with the strength of an unrelenting river. A giant that has not been seen in a millenia.

He turns and immediately runs back into the forest hoping that he can get to his tribe in time.

The monster draws closer..

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