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The Lost Scrolls of Sontaeries : Part xxii

The air seems stiff and the sky turns red..

Clouds surround the castle walls and an eerie fog slowly rolls in around them, almost appearing out of nowhere.

The soldiers find themselves looking into a mysterious grey window. Pausing for the worst.

Aadysi is outside the gates waiting for his moment to sneak in.

The guards exchange shifts every couple hours, or at least that's what Aadysi has been told.

As he makes his way around the outside of the wall he comes across an opening.

Voices are heard close to him but then start moving farther away.

This is his chance.

As quickly as he can, Aadysi dashes through the opening and crouches behind two barrels in what looks like an armory of some kind.

He peeks over the barrels and through the openings in the door of the armory he sees his target walking through the courtyard.

Soldiers surround the man, looks like he is aware of Aadysi's presence after all.

The knight continues and passes by a wall that veers up to a higher part of the castle.

Aadysi takes a breath, surveys the courtyard before him. Ready to sweep in and take what is rightfully his.

He puts his hands to his chest and clutches his deities crystal that was bestowed upon him by the Ahn' Lae.

The crystal begins to spark and the shapeshifting begins.

Aadysi feels his entire body transforming, a shiver runs up his spine.

The wolf is here and has come for blood and vengeance.

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