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“Hailing from the planet Sontaeries, Aadysi {pronounced: ah-duh-see} dwells in the dark forests of his world. Belonging to his native Kraesh people, he is bound to his home and forbidden to dwell beyond it. He possesses a soul unlike the other members of his tribe and yearns for something more than what he has seen and the truth of where his spirit comes from. He is different from his people holding the mark of the shapeshifting deity and can transform into the ‘Ye Zosaa’ or white wolf as it is called on Earth. His story is constantly defined by the misgivings of his past and an eternal desire to find his true destiny. To understand who he is, he must embark on a journey unlike any other. It is a search for the origins of his being, a quest with an infinite amount of questions only found through sound and space.”






Aadysi is on a mission to combine epic worlds with music. Coming from the planet Sontaeries, he is a being all his own, having created a story that offers him an infinite well of both creative and artistic inspiration. Launching his listeners into places filled with heavy sounds and emotional melodic sequences, he has an innate desire to bring together beautiful instrumentation with powerful and unique electronic scores. Increasingly influenced by film and videogames, he is determined to create pieces of huge proportions leading his listeners into unique and mystifying realms. 

A graduate of the ICON Collective, Aadysi is focused on presenting something that people have never seen or heard before. Combining his favorite genres of electronic dance music such as trap, future bass and dubstep while also curating works influenced by hip hop, pop and classical music. He is set to defy people’s expectations and break the boundaries of modern music as we know it. A multi-instrumentalist with ever evolving musical aspirations, there is no telling how far he will take this project. He has been featured on major sites such as Run The Trap, YourEDM, FUXWITHIT, ThisSongSlaps while also garnering support and opening for some of the top artists in the industry such as Ookay, SWARM, Lucille Croft, Naderi and PLS&TY among others. With the plethora of new singles he has coming along as well as an extensive back catalog of unreleased music, there is no doubt he is well on his way to capturing the hearts and minds of all involved in the scene. It seems like it’s only a matter of time until he takes the world by storm and brings us all to places that we could only imagine.

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