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☁️"Hailing from the planet Sontaeries, Aadysi {pronounced: ah-duh-see} dwells in the dark forests of his world. Belonging to his native Kraesh people, he is bound to his home and forbidden to dwell beyond it. He possesses a soul unlike the other members of his tribe and yearns for something more than what he has seen and the truth of where his spirit comes from. He is different from his people holding the mark of the shapeshifting deity and can transform into the ‘Ye Zosaa’ or white wolf as it is called on Earth. His story is constantly defined by the misgivings of his past and an eternal desire to find his true destiny. To understand who he is, he must embark on a journey unlike any other. It is a search for the origins of his being, a quest with an infinite amount of questions only found through sound and space." ⛈

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