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The Lost Scrolls of Sontaeries : Part xxiii

A light above burns bright.

The sun is seen through the trees in all its glory but looks eerily still.

Shining crisply through the dense foliage, the village begins to awaken

Although it is not a welcoming rise..

Aadysi gets up and gathers himself, preparing for the day ahead.

He can feel something inside him burning, a jarring sensation, a pain he hasn't felt in a long time.

And he has a sense of why it is happening now.

The last time he felt this way the trees were on fire and the floor was burning ash.

It seems the Fae Daaku is being visited by the most unwelcome of demons yet again.

The Lexxaahae or Burnt One has been resurrected, by who no one knows.

It's been a couple hundred years since this restless and sinister foe has visited the Kraesh of Sontaeries.

He seems to be looking for something or someone.

Aadysi can feel who he is after and he knows what awaits him.

But he has grown into a warrior who fears nothing and has trained for this day knowing it would come.

As he grabs his twin blades and puts on his tunic he begins to strategize on how to fight this foe.

He must get this demon out into the open, away from the forest and his people. This in itself is crucial if he is to best this beast.

Sweat drips down Aadysi's face as he leaves his canopy.

He looks out into the woods and catches two burning red eyes staring back at him.

The fight to rid this demon from his land once and for all has begun.

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