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The Lost Scrolls of Sontaeries : Part xxiv

The tides have turned and the chase is on..

Aadysi continues his trek to the top of a great mountain near his forest home.

Clinging to the side of it, he journeys on dead set on catching the group of killers that he has been tracking for days now.

It's rough terrain proves difficult and Aadysi has to calculate his every move, careful not to make a mistake or else fall victim to the ground below.

Seemingly impassable to most, but to Aadysi it is yet another challenge he must undertake and conquer.

He finds himself on this chase mainly due to the fact that these men have recently murdered some of his people. All for the profit of what the Kraesh have come to worship; soul crystals or Saefüshaa. Which are worth plenty of coin in the northwest regions of Sontaeries, especially within the kingdoms of men.

As his trek brings him closer to the top he can now see smoke rising just beyond the peak in front of him and the smell of freshly cooked meat.

He sees them all huddled around the fire, merry and drinking ale. Celebrating their recent victory.

Aadysi treads carefully now, he knows that these men are ruthless and cunning. If he approaches this in the wrong way it could mean his quick demise and ultimate failure.

Nevertheless, he must put these nefarious men in their rightful place or risk bringing dishonor to his tribe and people.

Perched up on the top of the peak he positions himself to attack.

As he gets ready to pounce the moon shines bright in the sky. Aadysi brings his hand to his chest, touches his Saefüshaa and begins to turn.

Now fully in his wolf form he leaps up high and lands below, directly in front of one of the men.

They are caught off guard and Aadysi takes them on one by one, he rips into their flesh and blood soaks the floor.

As he continues on this rampage a man picks up a sword and tries to swipe at him.

Aadysi sees this coming and immediately goes for his hand. He bites hard and the man drops his blade. Aadysi then moves towards his neck, ripping out his throat completely.

As he continues the decimation of these men he notices one has run off.

He's not sure where exactly this man has gone but he follows the scent that fills his nose, he can smell his fear and terror.

Aadysi runs after him and catches up quickly, he sees him running towards the cliff's edge.

The man stops and looks back at Aadysi, he drops to his knees and begs for forgiveness.

Aadysi shifts back to his wolf form, and as he does so the man's eyes widen and he is left speechless, for no human has seen a Kraesh shape-shift directly in front of them.

Aadysi walks towards him and takes the dagger from his belt.

He drives it through his chest while whispering the words 'Shaęlaa taa wae sävii' or as you would say it in the common tongue 'No one will save you now'.

He pushes him off the cliff, there will be no more Kraesh falling victim to these men ever again.

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