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The Lost Scrolls of Sontaeries : Part xxi

Mist and fog swirl about on the battlefield.

The entirety of the grounds are now soaked with blood and there is no human blood, only that of the Kraesh.

The enemy is finally broken, some warriors have escaped but most have fallen, not able to see the light of another day.

Dead are scattered everywhere, a seemingly endless expanse of lifeless bodies.

The scent is overwhelming.

Horns blow in the distance and lights shoot up into the sky signaling victory, but no one is cheering.

The sky opens up, rain comes pouring down and with it comes a feeling of mourning and pure sadness.

Today brothers and sisters have turned on each other.

War brought upon by a number of greedy and power hungry individuals now ends with the decimation and destruction of thousands of people.

A civil war initiated by certain Kraesh elite who could careless about the plight of others and who were only inclined to satisfy their own selfish interests.

This final battle marks the end of a fight between the Kraesh of the 'Fae Daaku' or dark forests and the tribes of Kraesh living outside of the forest in the open plains.

They made their way to the south of the 'Fae Daaku', living in this area for centuries now.

To the main tribes of Kraesh residing in the forests they are known as the 'Laafae' or outside dwellers.

There has been an increasing amount tension between these two groups for years now.

These people have made their own place in Sontaeries, separating themselves from the main tribes, but to go outside the confines of the dark forests for many Kraesh was unheard of.

Their separation has come with some costs.

The lands of the 'Laafae' are much different to that of the inhabitants in the forests and are home to a great amount of valuable resources.

These resources were then sought after by some important members of Kraesh society coming from the 'Fae Daaku'.

Raids were brought upon the lands of the 'Laafae' and eventually a war broke out.

Growing tired of the constant theft of their resources they started to fight back.

It was clear they have had enough, and Kraesh fought Kraesh.

Unfortunately for Aadysi, he found himself in the middle of this war, forced to fight alongside the main tribes of the forest.

Standing on a hill, he looks out over the bloodshed that has taken place.

He peers down and only sees red.

Caught in disbelief, he can't quite come to terms with that fact that he had a hand in the killing of his own people.

Talk now circulates throughout the camp, most feeling that it was a needless battle and an unnecessary war.

Aadysi begins to feel that this talk is right.

"Nothing could be worse than this," he tells himself.

Great warriors all now laid out on the battlefield.

More fog rolls in and forms a blanket over the bodies that remain.

Aadysi lifts his head, eyes beginning to water.

The day is won, but there is only this feeling of pure emptiness.

He turns and makes his way back into the forest he calls home.

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