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The Lost Scrolls of Sontaeries : Part xx


Cut off from the rest of his men Aadysi now finds himself utterly and unequivocally alone.

Nothing seems right, and the world surrounding him is a blur.

Attempting to regain his composure he stands up and surveys his environment.

He hasn't a clue where he is and his memory is failing him.

How did he get here?

What happened to his men?

There was a battle and it went south very quickly, he remembers that much but what would have led him here to this place?

As his mind races back and forth furiously he begins to feel a sense of worry also of who survived the battle.

He can't be the only one.

They can't all have perished.

Or maybe they did?

Aadysi starts to feel a tense sensation in his chest.

He suffered greatly at the expense of the battle and pain is coursing throughout the entirety his body.

He struggles to lift himself off the ground.

Slowly beginning to gather himself and looking out to his surroundings he sees nothing.

No men of any kind, no Kraesh and his horse is missing.

He walks towards the top of the hill attempting to get a sense of where he is exactly in this formidable human kingdom.

At the top he again doesn't see anything promising.

No village or castle in sight.

He has truly ventured into uncharted territory.

All he can see is a scattering of trees and what seems to be a cave of some sort to the north.

The night sky continues to hold steadfast above him.

The land here is scarce, there isn't much cover to speak of but it is night so Aadysi is relatively sure that he isn't visible to any unwanted eyes.

Regardless, he must find cover quickly and make his way towards the opening of the cave.

The wind picks up around him, acting as a warning sign of what might be coming towards him.

Aadysi moves to the shelter and holds tightly to his wounds or else risk leaving a trail of blood behind him that his foes will surely find.

He reaches the cave, a group of small trees surrounding it.

The moons and stars in the sky light up the entrance.

Inside it is pure darkness.

Aadysi limps towards the front part of the cave and rests next to a wall, making sure he is hidden from enemy eyes.

An eerie silence comes over the place.

Aadysi looks deeper into the cave, the depths of it are drenched in black.

Suddenly, the ground begins to ripple, waves of rumbling energy shake the confines of the cave.

Aadysi shoots up and looks deeper into the black nothingness.

It seems like it is it much more vast than he thought.

Could this be the very dwelling of the monster his people have been telling stories about for centuries?

Another powerful rumble fills his surroundings.

Aadysi then feels a sharp pain in his chest where his wound is now beginning to fester.

He falls to the ground, drifting in and out of consciousness.

The rumbling gets louder and louder.

Aadysi feels a shiver run down his spine.

The rumbling stops.

A monstrous figure appears amidst the darkness.

It cannot be.

The "Dae' Saanaa."

A sky demon has awakened.

Aadysi drifts away into a dreamlike state, his last look directed at this fire breathing beast.

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