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The Lost Scrolls of Sontaeries : Part xviii

The night is long..

The moons loom over the forest floor, dressing everything in a ghostly aura.

The vibrance of the floor is shown in its purest form and everything seems to be in a magical state unlike anything else seen or felt throughout the universe.

Aadysi is found making his way through the luminescent brush. Ignoring the

sights that surround him, his focus is unyielding and he refuses to lose sight of his targets.

He is moving at a fast pace, knowing fully well his purpose and what he must do in this situation.

He's been stalking a group of humans for some time now.

The party consists of a mix of people from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures. Former soldiers, raiders, thieves and mercenaries all set on finding one thing: 'Saefushaa' or Soul Crystals as they're called in the common tongue.

It is not everyday that you find humans wandering around the forests of Sontaeries.

Most who enter don't make it out.

But this group is different, they are well trained, prepared and resilient.

They are also joined by a common purpose, and this purpose could make them all wealthy men. Enabling them all to live out the rest of their lives in riches and comfort.

The Saefushaa is a rare thing to find, especially for humans, making it a priceless item that could be sold for an inordinate amount of money.

Each crystal possesses a specific life force that is said to harness the powers of some of the deities that the Kraesh worship.

They're directly connected to the deities and can even help amplify the powers that have been bestowed onto some of the Kraesh.

Aadysi has only come across one in his lifetime, it was during this time when he first realized his shapeshifting gifts.

He continues to move closer to the human patrol, he senses a carefree and oblivious manner surrounding them.

It seems they have found what they were looking for and then some.

Aadysi can now see that these humans have managed to find more than one crystal.

Against incredible odds, they dug deep into the forest and have stumbled upon a number of treasures that have never really been recovered by any human.

It's a victory worth celebrating.

As the humans dance and marvel in their great feat, they also partake in the drinking of ale and heed no care to the likes of what's going on in the forest surrounding them.

Aadysi sees the crystals sitting next to a tent, they shine through the pack and call to him.

He has never seen so many and is still in disbelief not knowing how these humans stumbled upon something so incredible.

Still acting careless and dancing about, the humans pay no mind to the presence of Aadysi.

Aadysi knows this and takes advantage of the situation.

He begins to creep nearer and nearer to the camp, directing his path towards one of the humans lying on the ground.

The human passed out due to the festivities and is now subject to the mercy of Aadysi.

They have played a risky game unaware of the fact that this forest is still very dangerous to them.

This is his chance, he's been tracking them for days and finally gets the opportunity to dispel this filth from the land.

These crystals do not belong in the hands of these creatures.

Aadysi continues to circle them, ready to make his move.

He gets into his attacking position, holds for a second and then in a flash drives himself towards the human lying closest to him.

Aadysi takes his dagger and with a swift slice to the neck the human is unable to do anything.

The rest of them are shocked mostly inebriated and slow, they struggle to get to their weapons.

Aadysi keeps moving at a pace the humans are unable to keep up with, using his Kraesh speed and strength to down each human one by one.

He takes care of three leaving two left.

One of them managed to get to his sword, the other is still left stumbling about defenseless.

Aadysi makes short work of the human, grabbing and then throwing him into a tree, his body hanging stiff, impaled by a protrudent branch.

The last one stands his ground.

Aadysi and the human maintain their distance, each one waiting for the right opportunity to attack.

Aadysi digs his heel into the ground, getting on all fours.

He summons the wolf.

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