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The Lost Scrolls of Sontaeries : Part xix

The boat slowly makes it's way through the uncertain waters..

The tides rise as the moons hold up high in the sky, their light pours onto the boat in a shimmering vale.

Aadysi finds himself on a cargo ship, it is making it's way to the kingdom of Saataen or Sallin as it is called by the humans.

He looks up from underneath his hood.

As the 3 moons in the sky sit there watching him he begins to wonder if he is truly safe on this ship.

He knows that he must continue to lay low, he cannot risk his Kraesh features being seen by the humans around him.

Kraesh generally aren't allowed on these human vessels so he must maintain his distance or else risk sabotaging the whole mission.

A Sontaeries fog rolls in around the boat.

It's an alien, misty sort of fog that covers only the outsides of the boat, leaving the sky above still visible.

The light from the stars and moons interact with the fog in such a way that a sort of green aura is created.

This aura is said to be magical and acts as a sign of good things to come.

Aadysi takes it in, knowing that he has set on the right path. His deity is watching over him.

The captain at the helm suddenly yells out something, Aadysi can't quite make it out but he soon realizes what he is saying.

They have spotted land.

As the fog clears and the ship draws closer Aadysi can see the kingdom in all of it's glory.

The sheer magnitude of this human city comes as a shock to Aadysi.

There was a time when this city was nothing, now it reaches up touching the sky.

He has never truly realized what these kingdoms looked like, and now he can see the potential of these strangers on his planet.

He is both impressed and fearful.

The kingdom of Sallin is one of the biggest in Sontaeries.

It is also where Aadysi will conduct his vital mission.

The humans have been getting closer to the borders of his home, it seems like a new village is being built everyday.

Pretty soon there will be too many around his homeland, and when this happens he knows there is only one thing the humans will think to do.

They will try to enter the forest and branch out ever farther from their villages and kingdoms.

Aadysi has set sail to Sallin to prevent that from happening.

He must find out who is in charge of these sudden migrations, his people cannot afford to go to war right now.

He has to finish this before it even starts.

The boat gets closer to the dock.

Aadysi braces himself for the dangerous task ahead of him.


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