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The Lost Scrolls of Sontaeries : Part xii

The two suns rise and a new day is beckoning..

Aadysi gets up out of his bed and grabs his 'Saechaa' or tribute mask.

Another day of training awaits.

The days have grown long and arduous since Aadysi has taken up training from his mentor and guardian Shaanu, but the training has been well worth it.

Aadysi feels stronger every day.

Now just realizing the full capabilities of his powers thanks to Shaanu, he is well on his way to becoming the warrior his people need.

They go about sparring everyday throughout the thick forests of the Fae Daaku.

They maneuver in and out of the trees, taking up various tasks that are both difficult and challenging.

Forms of training that will ensure Aadysi has a true grasp over his powers.

Shaanu agreed to take Aadysi through the vigor of his training when he first heard that Aadysi has been touched by the shapeshifting deity.

It is rare to be touched by such a deity and Shaanu is the only other known Kraesh who has been affected by such a thing.

Shaanu understands that it is his duty to help Aadysi become the hero this world needs.

They engage in various forms of combat while also making sure to maintain control over their powers.

Fighting in their respected forms, Aadysi being the white wolf while Shaanu is able to transform into what some on earth would call a bear.

The combat is not for the fainthearted, Shaanu makes sure to take Aadysi through trials that most could never imagine.

The world of Sontaeries is unforgiving, Shaanu knows this.

This world can tear apart even the strongest of Kraesh so one has to prove their strength early on.

Not to mention the human race that has set upon their lands, proving to be a formidable enemy that Aadysi must work hard to defeat.

Shaanu's experience is essential and will give Aadysi the knowledge necessary to conquer even his most fearful enemies.

Day becomes night, night becomes day.

It is a training regimen that will hopefully enable Aadysi to become the one who will finally bring peace to the planet that is Sontaeries.

All he can do now is take it one day at a time and do his best to listen to the one person who has always believed in him.

Two beings, touched by a deity who does not chose very often.

It is expected for them to be among the bravest of Kraesh and the most strong-willed.

The days continue on and every day tomorrow gets a little brighter.

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