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The Lost Scrolls of Sontaeries : Part xi

The air in the cave whispers to him..

A sacred path to greatness awaits.

The magic of the Cas' Skae, or as it is known in the common tongue "The cave of wonders", stands before him.

Here you will find both dark and light, good and evil.

There is a certain kind of magic in this cave that no Kraesh has been able to truly comprehend or capture.

Aadysi is on the precipice of fate, he has finally come across the one thing that could bring his true powers to light.

The power that he always knew he could attain in his life.

The cave lies in the Fae Daaku, it is within the boundaries of Aadysi's home but still remains hidden to those who are not worthy of seeing it.

Different supernatural powers are at play here.

There are also things to fear in this dark dwelling.

Shaanu has warned Aadysi that this cave is not all it seems to be, there are some sort of gatekeepers guarding the jewel that is hidden.

No one has ever seen these beings before, they are only thought of as a myth. Ghosts of a past that have long been forgotten.

Despite this, Aadysi must continue on to find this sacred gem that could unlock the hidden gifts he has always felt within him.

It is tied to the shapeshifting deity and Aadysi feels the call.

Few have survived the trials that come along with entering this secret cave and even the survivors have turned up mute, unable to comprehend what they saw in its underground depths.

There are forces lingering here that go even beyond that of the Kraesh.

Sontaeries holds more secrets than they thought.

Aadysi begins his descent into the Cas' Skae.

There's no turning back now.

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