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The Lost Scrolls of Sontaeries : Part vii

The gathering has begun.

All Kraesh, from every tribe, and from every walk of life have assembled.

The fate of one such Kraesh is to be decided.

Aadysi stands atop the platform surrounded by his people and the council of elders who are seated in front of him.

He has on several occasions wandered beyond the border of their forest home, wreaking havoc on the outlying human villages.

No Kraesh have been allowed to venture past this border for some time, and Aadysi has broken that oh so sacred rule.

During these escapades Aadysi and the men in his company have killed “innocent” humans and have made a mark on their people which cannot be undone.

The rules and regulations of the Kraesh have been wholly ignored and now he finds himself waiting to hear the final verdict from his elders.

Aadysi is the only known shapeshifter in the village, since he has discovered the true extent of his powers he has taken advantage of those he deems as enemies.

Yes, it is true the humans have forsaken the Kraesh to their forest home for many years, but there has been a peace among them for some time.

Aadysi has essentially broken that peace, now the humans and Kraesh are on the brink of another deadly war.

His fate lies in the hands of his guardian Shaanu as well as the other elders.

He stands before them head held high knowing what he did. He feels no wrong in dismembering the humans, they have done the same to his people many times over.

Nevertheless, the elders do not agree with this young warrior and they must make a decision.

A punishment must follow, there has to be payment for the offenses committed.

The elders seek to end these aggressive attacks that Aadysi and his men have taken part of over the past couple years.

The session continues, all Kraesh looking on in awe. What will become of their young and misunderstood warrior Aadysi?

Will the council punish him for his actions or will they finally declare war and acknowledge the human wretches that have been drawing ever nearer to them year after year?

No way out now, the council have made their decision.

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