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The Lost Scrolls of Sontaeries : Part vi

A piercing howl is heard in the dark..

The villagers are now increasingly on edge, frightened and afraid, not knowing what is to come.

This howl has been heard by other human villages before and it is well known that things did not go well for them.

The humans have come across stories of a Kraesh being who has been touched by the shapeshifting deity and is able to transform into a white wolf, but again those were only stories.

They never expected this Kraesh to come near their territory, but here he is nonetheless.

Another howl is heard, this time feeling closer and closer to the village.

There is no telling what this beast could do to them, they're not prepared and have little defenses to feign him off.

Kraesh are fearsome enough foes to the humans alone but one that is Kraesh and holding the mark of the shapeshifting deity is another thing altogether.

They all know it is going to be a long night.

As the howls continue to ring through the air the villagers begin to scatter, all running back into their huts and preparing for the inevitable.

All they can do is wait and hope that he passes through.

What brought this being to their land? What will he do to them if they're found? These were the questions filling the minds of the villagers.

The white wolf is here... Aadysi is here.

Death is knocking at the door.

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