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The Lost Scrolls of Sontaeries : Part v

Shining in the dark...

Wandering under the night sky Aadysi sees the enchanted object and feels the inherent power of it's presence.

It's aura is intoxicating and he is drawn to it.

It is rare to see one so close to the territory of his tribe, but it is here nonetheless.

The 'Saefushaa' or soul crystal is not likely to shine for just any Kraesh.

Stories told from his people say that these crystals are scattered across the planet, invisible to the average Kraesh but reveal themselves when sensing the presence of a strong and courageous being.

Only those who are truly blessed by their deity are said to be able to see it when it emits it's captivating shimmer.

And here it is, right in front of Aadysi's face.

He stands for a second in awe and amazement, not moving at all.

He then moves towards it slowly, seeing it sitting in between two ancient trees that are covered from head to toe with vines.

He reaches out and grabs it, immediately feeling it's all encompassing power.

The 'Saefushaa' are said to enhance the powers of any Kraesh who wields it and are presented only in the darkest of times.

Aadysi brings it to his face, the light shining even brighter. It was meant to find him...

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