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The Lost Scrolls of Sontaeries : Part xvii

The sky is on fire..

Fog, flames and cries of terror surround the entire village.

The screams of the humans can be heard far and wide.

No one is safe.

The Kraesh are coming and they're looking for only one thing: blood.

The humans scatter, each one making their best effort to escape the chaos that is taking over their once peaceful village.

Everyone is trying to get out.

They must all make for the kingdom beyond the mountains.

That is where they will find their solace and safety.

All is lost, and if they stay here they will undoubtedly be doomed.

Only a brave few stay behind to give the others time to escape.

One of which is Draigen.

A warrior knight known throughout all the kingdoms of Sontaeries.

He remains behind with his men while the rest of the villagers rush to break out and journey on to the nearest kingdom.

If any of these villagers are to have a chance to flee this wretched suffering it is he who will save them.

The clock is ticking.

The longer they wait the better the chance they will end up never getting out and will surely become prey to the people of the Fae Daaku or dark forests.

The human villagers aren't completely sure of where this animosity is coming from.

Something has stirred the Kraesh people, they seem more angry and vicious than ever before.

This sort of hate and malice hasn't been seen in a millennia.

The time of Kraesh is beginning yet again.

The humans who have escaped the raid of their home look back at the carnage and destruction.

They are in disbelief, knowing that all they can do now is make it to the Ishna Kingdom. It will be a hard journey, but it is a necessary one.

The human banners fall to the ground, another war is surely on the horizon.

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