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The Lost Scrolls of Sontaeries : Part xvi

The "Laa' aeshtaa" or Last Sun is gone..

Lost forever, buried deep within the soil of Sontaeries, directly under the Fae Daaku.

Once an object which brought great power and prosperity to the Kraesh people is now rotting in the dirt.

It's been over 500 cycles since a Kraesh has come into contact with this magical object.

Now only whispers and stories surround it, myth and fairy tales are taking over this once inherently powerful thing.

It has become a relic.

Aadysi knows that if his people are to get through this dark and uncertain time he must attempt to recover the object and regain the strength and hope that they have lost.

It is also what they must have if they are to overcome their greatest foes.

The relic has been long forgotten but Aadysi remembers the stories he once heard as a child.

Most believe it isn't real but he knows in his heart that it is.

It has a magical force that somehow binds the forest, a connection of sorts, and Aadysi has been feeling it's presence recently.

It grows stronger everyday.

In order for Aadysi to be successful he must find it and align it with the 3 moons of Laanae.

He will have to bring it to a temple deep within the forest that has been long abandoned.

This is where he will take the "Laa' aeshtaa" and then recover the magical force that was once so present amongst this forest and his people.

Aadysi has the chance to permanently restore order back to the Fae Daaku and also to that of Sontaeries.

Darkness has overcome the land for so long, shadows are looming all over.

The true test of Aadsyi's power has yet to come, the relic will prove difficult to find, but the magical force resonating within it has been felt for sometime.

This force has been awakened and there are vibrations reverberating constantly throughout the forest.

It is time to recover this lost object in order to make the planet whole once again.

The forest is vast, this sacred relic will be well hidden and the journey will be hard.

It is a task few Kraesh have pursued and none have found success in.

The 3 moons hold steadfast in the night sky, watching over the Kraesh people and now is the time to take back this object that was once a great source of power for the Kraesh people.

Aadysi looks up seeing the moons so clearly in the sky and knowing that this is the moment, he will acquire the "Laa 'aeshtaa".

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