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The Lost Scrolls of Sontaeries : Part xv

The wind sweeps through the broken windows..

Aadysi feels a cold chill he has never felt before.

Opening his eyes, he begins to gather himself and tries to regain a sense of his surroundings.

He begins to look upon his environment in horror, finding himself in the tavern just beyond the borders of his forest home.

Bodies all strewn across the floor.

Everything inherently stained with blood.

What could have caused this massacre?

He looks down, seeing the blood of these people all over him.

Could this have been his doing?

Aadysi fails to remember what happened, only a black hole of vague memories is left inside his head.

Something truly evil occurred here, there is no way that he could have committed such an atrocity.

He frantically tries to remember where he was before all this happened.

Flashbacks of the night before come in and out.

He remembers walking the border of the forest and then seeing two hateful humans just outside the tavern openly mocking and torturing a fellow Kraesh.

After noticing their cruel demeanor and disdain for his people, Aadysi knew he had to do something.

Even if killing them was necessary, he had to stand up for his people.

He then shape-shifted into the white wolf and struck the two humans down, after that everything went blank. From what he has gathered, he proceeded to go on a rampage through the tavern. Only equipped with a murderous intent, bent on killing all the humans in the area and leaving nothing alive.

His hatred for these people took over during this moment. Although he knows that the dead humans currently scattered across the tavern floor were for the most part innocent and of good nature.

So why did he do this? And why can't he remember what exactly happened after he shape-shifted into the white wolf? Is this a side effect of his new powers? What could have provoked him to act in this way?

So many questions running rampant in his mind.

Aadysi turns towards the door, blood still dripping off his body.

He proceeds to get up onto his feet.

Suddenly he begins to hear yelling and shouting in the distance.

He quickly makes his way out of the village and back to the safety of the forest.

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