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The Lost Scrolls of Sontaeries : Part xiv

The weight of the world upon him.

The day has been long and all Aadysi can do at this point is rest under the stars.

He stares into the vastness of the night sky, needless thoughts running through his head.

What is it that he must do?

Why has he been given this gift?

These are the things that Aadysi continues to ask himself, an endless pit of questions where all answers seem deeply hidden.

Aadysi knows in his heart that these answers will not come to him, he must go out and find them.

He continues to stare into the sky, lost in the moment, awing at the beauty that Sontaeries has to offer.

After awhile he begins to forget about the pain and confusion that has continued to surround him recently.

He is completely fixated on what he sees in front of him and now somehow everything feels in place.

The 3 moons shine brightly in the night sky and continue to light the floor of the Fae Daaku.

Sontaeries is giving him hope once again.

Hope that is needed in order for him to become the true warrior his people need.

Aadysi has been given a rare gift, which can also sometimes feel like a curse.

Here he finds himself, alone, but at home nevertheless.

The path before him is a difficult one but it is also one he must pursue.

There is no stopping now.

The power is within him, he must move forward or else all will be lost.

Destiny is a tough thing to figure out but Aadysi knows that he can make his own.

He cannot fail his tribe, he will not fail, he has been chosen for a reason.

A Kraesh warrior who could finally bring balance and unity to the planet known as Sontaeries.

Aadysi turns, a defiant howl rings through the night sky.

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