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The Lost Scrolls of Sontaeries : Part x

He weaves in and out of the forest..

Under the canopy of trees, Aadysi begins his chase.

He follows the path through his home where he believes his dear friend was taken.

The humans have Nameera in their clutches.

She has been whisked away to a small village outside of the Fae Daaku and Aadysi is running out of time.

Fully in his wolf form, he races through the foliage at a furious pace.

This isn't the first time a Kraesh female has been taken by the humans.

It is said that every two years or so they kidnap a girl of their choosing. No Kraesh knows for sure what they do with these girls but they do know that none have made it back into the forest.

Nameera, unfortunately, was unlucky and is now in the firm grasp of Aadysi's brutal enemies.

Aadysi has known Nameera all his life, she cannot be lost, he has to save her.

He continues to run as fast as he can through the forest, quickly making his way toward the outer reaches of his home in search of the village that took her.

There are several small human villages currently outlying the edges of the Fae Daaku.

These small settlements house some of the most ferocious and wretched humans, the majority having fled from the castles and kingdoms that lie beyond the great mountains.

He treks on faster and faster, knowing every second that passes could be time wasted and could result in his inability to save his friend.

He comes to the edge of the forest and scans the horizon for the village he believes she was taken to.

He sees smoke in the distance and makes his way towards it.

As he gets closer and closer he can sense the danger that awaits him.

Is this a trap?

Is this somehow all a ruse in order to lure Aadysi to his impending doom once and for all?

He doesn't know, and there's only one way to find out.

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