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The Lost Scrolls of Sontaeries : Part viii

The mountains are seen piercing the night sky.

Just above them the 3 moons of Aaliae are watching, forever looking over the planet that is Sontaeries.

Aadysi looks up in awe, not really paying particular attention to where he is going.

Again he finds himself wandering through his forest home, exploring, not really thinking and fully transformed into his wolf form.

This is where he feels most alive and free.

Away from his tribe, adventuring out on his own, living by his own rules.

Suddenly, he finds himself having to come to a full halt.

He's arrived at what seems to be a waterfall, which is odd because he has never heard nor seen of one within the the Fae Daaku before.

He peers down the edge of it, it's height is immense and Aadysi begins to wonder how he has not come across this huge roaring of water before.

He then begins his descent, walking down the edge of the cliffside to the very bottom of the waterfall wanting to investigate it further.

After some time, Aadysi arrives at the bottom. He turns his head upward, struck by it's sheer and intimidating size. It is a magnificent sight, the water crashing heavily as it hits the pools in front of him.

He sniffs the air, something is off, it is an unnatural scent.

Aadysi peers further into the depths of the falls.

He sits on the edge of a bank, a good distance away from the pounding of the falls but close enough to sense that there is an animal of some sort lying behind the walls of water.

As he stares deeper into the falls he sees something that he has never quite witnessed before.

A shadow begins to become visible, what looks to be a huge monster of some sort.

Two glowing lights then appear behind the cloak of the chaotic water.

Something is not right, there is a massive and ferocious beast living here.

All he can do now is run.

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