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The Lost Scrolls of Sontaeries : Part ix

A faceless shape..

Voices call in the distance guiding Aadysi towards this misty and elusive part of his forest home.

He sees a mysterious figure of some kind through the fog but can barely make it out.

The thrill of the unexpected compels him and he finds himself once again embarking on another bold new journey.

It is a dangerous one, Aadysi knows that, and it could lead to his swift demise. But he must prove to his tribe and to his people that he is the warrior they think he is or else all will be lost.

This is also the exact spot where Aadysi received most of his training from his guardian Shaanu, so it is dangerous but also familiar to him.

This could work to Aadysi’s advantage but even with that knowledge he will still have to fight hard to defeat this vicious monster.

The beast Aadysi is fighting is called the Kaa’shkae, a being known throughout Sontaeries. It is now once again finding it’s way into the Fae Daaku.

These monsters only migrate to the Fae Daaku every 10 years or so. They come from the dead plains of Yunoraa and feed on the Chiaaski that are found throughout the forest.

One Kraesh warrior is chosen to fight off this monster when it enters their home. The Kraesh believe that the meat of this beast has some sort of supernatural power that can transform even the weakest Kraesh into a strong and mighty ally.

Aadysi spoke out on his tribe's behalf to take on this challenge, feeling that he is up to the task.

Only recently discovering his shapeshifting powers and not completely knowing it's full capabilities yet. Aadysi's naive desire to take on this challenge could prove to be his downfall.

His powers have not truly taken form and as he gets nearer to the monster he can feel something is off.

He begins to fight the Kaa'shkae in his wolf form but is immediately hurled back. In an instant Aadysi went from an unending well of confidence and hope to nothing but pain and weakness.

He continues to fight on but now feels his life hanging by a thread.

The Kaa’shkae is stronger than Aadysi expected and it is a battle that he knows now he was definitely not ready to take on.

Nevertheless, he is here.

Injured and hurt beyond repair he now feels an impending danger hovering over him. He keeps on getting up and fighting but nothing seems to be working.

Unable to run and barely able to keep himself in his wolf form, it seems like disaster is set upon him.

All he can do now is fight to his very last breath and hopefully Sontaeries will provide an answer for him to win this grueling battle.

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