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The Lost Scrolls of Sontaeries : Part iv

Nameera and Aadysi find themselves wandering through the forest. Going ever deeper into the unfamiliar pits of the jungle.

Now more than ever, they must rely on the bond they have developed throughout their lives.

The situation they find themselves in requires their inherent connection, luckily this connection has been felt since the very first day they both entered into the world.

Here is where they must work together or rick losing that which they came for.

They become one, hunters in the dark, both waiting for an opportunity to strike.

Finding themselves in this situation by virtue of the elders, it is imperative that they not fail for if they do not succeed they will be deemed unworthy of representing the all encompassing shape-shifting deity.

The tribe will not be so welcoming if they cannot complete the task, so this only leaves them with one option..

The time has come.

They draw closer to their blind and seemingly oblivious subject, but they must tread carefully.

The animal they are hunting is both elusive and dangerous, it is the 'Jaa’ Laepa', an animal only known to Sontaeries.

This creature can be seen for one second and then gone forever in an instant.

As the 3 moons watch over them in the vast and open sky of Sontaeries, Nameera and Aadysi get ready to take their shot.

Arrows drawn, fear and excitement holds stiff in the air.

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