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The Lost Scrolls of Sontaeries : Part iii

“Run, just run.”

This is the thought that flashed through Aadysi’s head as soon as he set eyes upon his enemies.

He finds himself in danger and now needs to get away as quickly as possible.

Running is the only thing he could do under the circumstances, he was outnumbered, alone and away from his people.

There was no way he could pick a fight, despite him being Kraesh and stronger than the average human, they had the numbers.

This is what he gets for exploring territories unknown to his people, why did he have to get himself in this mess yet again?

The humans begin chasing him at a furious pace.

He quickly makes his way back into the forest knowing that the humans do not bode well in the dark wooden pits of Sontaeries.

He keeps running and running, faster than he has ever before but still it seems like they are gaining on him.

Aadysi then stops for a moment to catch his breath when suddenly he feels an overwhelming tingling sensation coursing throughout his body.

He begins to feel a deep pain inside the pits of his stomach, something is not right and he knows it.

His mask falls to the ground, he braces for whatever is about to come then falls onto his knees. Never has he felt such an overwhelming sensation.

And in an instant the pain is no more, he now feels more powerful than he has ever before.

He hears the humans coming closer and sprints farther ahead to break free from their path.

Luckily, again he has outrun his enemies.

He makes his way to a nearby spring to get some water.

As he comes up to the spring he sees an unfamiliar face, it is a reflection of an animal that is not native to Sontaeries, resembling the white wolf of the planet Earth.

Aadysi is taken aback, having trouble putting the pieces together. Confused as to why he is now looking at this being.

He then comes to the realization that he has shape-shifted, just as the elders have told him he would.

It has finally happened he is now the wolf.

His fear washes away for a second, feeling more like himself than he has ever before. Finally his time has come.

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