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The Lost Scrolls of Sontaeries : Part ii

Just beyond the outer limits of the 'Fae Daaku' [Dark Forest] lies a place where no Kraesh has ever stepped foot in before.

It is a place unknown to all, rumored to be filled with the darkest magic of Sontaeries.

Nevertheless, it is where Aadysi must venture. For it is this exact location where Aadysi will be able to find out who he truly is and who he must become.

His path is currently leading him to this temple outside the comforts of his home.

Although he is fearful of what is to come, the faint voice of his guardian Shaanu echoes inside his head.

Shaanu always told Aadysi of a young warrior, a warrior who was gifted with the power of the shape-shifting deity. It is in this temple where the warrior will find the true depths of his gift.

This story has always provided Aadysi with some comfort, knowing and feeling that this prophecy belongs to him.

He treks forward, something is guiding him towards this area.

At last he comes to the end of the 'Fae Daaku', he pauses. Frozen. Not knowing whether to take another step into the unknown or turn back.

But he must not turn back. He can't. He has come too far.

He moves one foot forward, and then another.

A dim light is wavering and seems to be getting stronger the closer he gets to the temple.

Soon enough he finds himself 10ft from the outer limits of his home, then 20, then 50, when finally...

The temple is right in front of him.

He comes to a door, seemingly impenetrable with no means of entrance and begins to think to himself if this was worth going to and if he came here for nothing.

Suddenly the door opens, Aadysi steps inside, the light growing even brighter.

The rumors were true, magic does reside in this place but it is not dark magic.

This is the magic that will unlock the secrets of Aadysi's power, his destiny is presented to him.

Will he answer?

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